Cork Yoga Mats | Eco friendly, Antimicrobial, Fun Prints 

Shop Chuchka's statement eco cork yoga mats featuring a printed top made of 100% cork and a natural rubber base. With it's unique antimicrobial properties our cork yoga mat range is ideal for sweaty hot yoga and bikram!

5 Smarty Pants Reasons to Choose a CHUCHKA Eco Cork Yoga Mat:

🙏 Made of sustainable materials including natural rubber and cork.

😅 Natural cork has built-in antimicrobial properties which resist bacteria, germs and smell (you can sweat your toosh off in hot yoga without smell anxiety).

 😱 Free from toxic PVC (polyvinyl chloride) - a cheap and nasty carcinogen.

❌ Zero, zilch, nada latex, silicone, toxic glue, & phthalates

👁️ Fun unique statement prints to inspire your practice and share your yogi personality.

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