Tulua Hat


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The bright Tulua Hat has a gorgeous colour palette of blue and yellow and a beautiful yellow pom pom combined with a unique woven design.

The Tulua hat is inspired by the town of Tulua; well known throughout Colombia and many parts of South America as a major centre of salsa dancing. 

Ethical Info & Materials

TheTulua takes 8 hours to weave by Columbian Artisans and is made of handwoven Iraka plam straw, waterproof paint and wool pom poms.

Brim can be worn up, down or half up/half down. To move the brim into your desired shape simply hold the crown and push the brim up or down.


Tulua currently available in:

Size S (55-56cm)

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Category: hat, pom pom, small, straw, straw hat

Type: Cali Hat

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