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June 17, 2016 1 min read

We do it every year - 2 weeks till Summer... Crash Diet!!!

Do it differently this time round. Its June - so you have a good five months to tone up to get in your favourite bikini by Summer. So here are our top 3 Stay Fit in Winter Tops:

1. FEEL GOOD. You won't want to work out feeling drab. So wear something to make you feel amazing before you start. This doesn't have to cost your whole week's salary.. just a fun tee or a bright pair of tights. Our printed suede yoga mats are a perfect start to brighten up your workout.

2. DO WHAT YOU ENJOY. Whether it's a Bikini body challenge, a gym workout, a class, a pilates DVD or a walk with the dog - you'll never stay consistent with your workout choice if you don't love it. So don't choose an exercise that you'll inevitably crash and burn with. Do what will motivate you to get up and go!

3. DONT BE SO BLACK AND WHITE. When we CANT eat certain foods or make rules around our eating plan we are sure to fail. You know when you tell yourself NOT to think about something, that's the oinly thing you can think of! Well, that's what happens when you put in place food rule. Putting restrictions on ourselves are never maintainable over the long term. So allow yourself variety and allow yourself treats - that way you won't constantly be dreaming of that treat you can't have.

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