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February 20, 2020 4 min read

While we're all for ladies hitting the gym for a sweat sesh if that's their jam, movement should not be confined to a 1hr class or session in a boxed room. Here's 10 workout ideas to keep your fitness as fresh as you!

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#1 Aerial Yoga

Most people have been to a regular yoga class these days, but aerial yoga is something different again. Using silk-like ropes hanging from the ceiling to twist your body into different poses is confusing to start with, but once you nail it and let gravity do its thing, you will feel the poses change from challenging to the most beautiful assisted stretch, giving your mind the chance to switch off and focus on your breath. And to top it all off, Shavasana takes place in a hammock! Bliss for the spine.

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#2 Paddle Boarding

Paddle Boarding is an amazing core workout as you need your abs to switch on to help keep you steady. Top tip! Bend your knees to keep your centre of gravity low to stop you from falling off. Don’t forget your Cami Duffle bag to carry your swimmers and towel to your local beach.

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#3 Hiking

Go outside into nature and see what Mother Earth has to offer. Going for a hike will guarantee some hills to get your heart rate up, with a stunning view at the top. And remember, what goes up must come down! So get the hard bit out of the way first and cruise back down while you figure out where to go for lunch.

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#4 Bungee Fitness

We’re soooooooaaaring, flyyyyying! Bungee fitness is less exercise and more pretending you’re a bird. Once you’re fitted with a super attractive and comfortable harness (said no one ever) you’re attached to the ceiling and ready to flop, jump, fly and run at full speed towards your friends to your heart's content. After going through some specific moves set to the latest upbeat tunes to get you used to your new wings (think Zumba + flying), you’ll learn some cool tricks to have you flying around the studio like Peter Pan. Also, who doesn’t love a jumping high five boomerang for the Gram?

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#5 Bounce Fit

So now that you’ve done Zumba in a harness attached to a roof, why don’t you try Zumba while jumping on a little trampoline. Bounce fit is a high intensity, full-body work out to loud club tunes and disco lights. The instructor will lead you through the moves with multiple options for all levels. The instructors make waving your arms in the air for 3 minutes straight look easy, but you’ll be dying by the second chorus. Don’t be fooled when they tell you to lie down on the trampolines either. This just means a killer ab set is coming up that will leave you with sweat dripping down your new 6 pack.

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#6 Bouldering

If you haven’t heard of bouldering before, I’m sure you’ve heard of Indoor Rock Climbing. Well, take away everything that keeps you safe while climbing up those rocks and you’ve got bouldering! Before I scare you too much, the walls are definitely shorter and you still have a giant mat underneath you to catch you when you fall. With a variety of different levels from beginner to spider-man, there is something for everyone, not to mention one of the most genuinely helpful and friendly communities you could ask for. There are lots of bouldering places in each main city around Australia, so grab some mates, leave the harness and ropes at home and give it a crack.

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#7 Trapeze

Who didn't want to trapeze their way into Zac Efron's arms after seeing The Greatest Showman?! Co-ordination and timing are key with this activity and it also may not be your thing if you're scared of heights. You'll practise twirling and hanging from the bar on the ground before making your way up high above the net below. With one instructor on the ground giving you cues of when to move and let go and another instructor swinging towards you to catch you once you do, this is definitely an activity that will get your heart rate up for more than one reason. Not for the faint-hearted, once you're flying through the air having released from your bar, you’ll be reaching for whoever is closest.

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#8 Pole Dancing

Pole dancing combines strength and gymnastics, with a bit of yoga. With so many different ways to incorporate the pole into a routine, whether it's practising a hold or spinning upside down, you're probably going to get a few bruises on your way to grace. The perfect activity for dancers looking to build some strength.

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#9 Treetop Course

With this activity you’ll be testing your nerves as much as your fitness. Tree-top courses can generally be found on the outskirts of town, so make for a great day trip. Pack some lunch or a snack and head up into the trees for the day. There’s a variety of sections with different challenges from your classic playground monkey bars and rope ladders, to more exhilarating rope swings and jumps. Check your fears at the door and whatever you do, don’t look down!

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#10 Incidental Walking

If all else fails this is the easiest way to get a mini work out in is to cut your commute short. Hop off your train or bus one stop early and walk the rest of the way home. Make sure you've got your Chuchka backpack in case you're carrying a laptop home from work to make sure the weight is evenly distributed on your back. It’s the perfect way to explore your neighbourhood and have a little me time between work and home. If you’re really prepared, pack your active-wear and sneakers and try a little jog.

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So if the gym isn’t doing it for you, why not try one of our alternative workout ideas to get a sweat in and have some fun too!

Now, put down your phone and get going. You’ve got no excuse 😝

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