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January 10, 2020 5 min read

The New Year is upon us and with motivation at an all-time high, it’s the perfect time to re-vamp your healthy morning routine! Wake up on the right side of the bed in 2020 with these simple rituals, practices and tools to amplify your start to the day.

1. Sleep

A successful morning routine really starts the night before. Try not to let Netflix suck you into watching the next episode of You and get to bed early - before 10pm if you can, and give yourself at least 30mins of screen-free time before bed (this rule alone will change your life). You will be grateful you did the next morning when you’re well-rested and already kicking goals before 9 am.

2. Don’t snooze

Sleep cycles last around 70 – 100 minutes, so when you think that dozing for another 10 or 20 minutes will be fine, what you’re doing is starting another sleep cycle. By waking yourself up part way through you get stuck with that ‘blah’ feeling because your body wants to finish its last cycle. Best thing to do is get up when you wake up, you’ll feel more alert for it.

3. Water

After a long night of sleep (proud of you for going to bed earlier!) your body is going to be dehydrated. Keep a glass or bottle of water on your bedside table to drink upon waking. Experts recommend drinking 500ml before anything else to help flush out toxins in the body, fuel your brain, fire up your metabolism and even make you eat less, as we often mistake thirst for hunger. Wait at least 20 minutes post-skull before consuming any food to allow the H2O to do its hydration and cleansing magic. 

12 Healthy Morning Routine Practices for Babes Living Large

4. Meditation / Breathwork

There are a wide variety of Meditation apps available these days, from guided meditations to a mixture of tranquil sounds you can play while you get your zen on. Starting your morning off with no distractions and sitting with nothing but your mind can be a great way to get clarity and feel centred before the madness of the world rushes in. You could also focus on drawing attention to your breath and practise different breathing techniques to leave you cool, calm and collected. Breathwork can also have a major energising effect - check out Wim Hof's Breathing Tutorials to get started.

12 Healthy Morning Routine Practices for Babes Living Large - Chuchka Blog

5. Visualization

A great way to transition from sleep to awake is to sit up in bed or on a comfy chair and visualize something amazing you want to happen today or in the future. Picture yourself giving the perfect presentation at work, everyone clapping and your boss smiling at you, or seeing yourself sporting a brand new Chuchka bag ;), maybe even bumping into Ryan Gosling at your local coffee shop (a girl can dream!). The power of visualising yourself doing a task, creates a strong belief in yourself and if you already know you can do it, what’s holding you back?

6. Journaling

If you’re guilty of checking your emails before your eyes are even open, Journaling is the option for you. Instead of scrolling through your notifications, open the Notes app and get writing. Better yet, keep a hardback journal or diary by your bed and leave technology until after your morning routine. Try recounting the dream you just had or make a list of the things you are grateful for today. Whatever you’re thinking, get it out of your head and on to the page (leaving you space to decide on the more important things, like your coffee order).

7. Nature

Get up and go outside! There’s nothing better than watching the sun rise while the rest of the World is still asleep (they all went to bed too late you see). Try and connect with nature first thing in the morning by taking off your shoes and walking through some grass in a nearby park or squidge the sand between your toes at the beach. Even just being near the water or trees will do wonders for your energy levels. Tree hugging is optional.

12 Healthy Morning Routine Practices for Babes Living Large - Chuchka Blog

12 Healthy Morning Routine Practices for Babes Living Large - Chuchka Blog

12 Healthy Morning Routine Practices for Babes Living Large - Chuchka Blog

8. Exercise

Whether it’s a run outside, an at home work out (check out online programs Yoga with Adriene and Peaches Pilates for a total body burn) or heading to your local gym to smash some weights, getting your body moving first thing in the morning will have you feeling energised the whole day. Hello endorphins!

12 Healthy Morning Routine Practices for Babes Living Large - Chuchka Blog

12 Healthy Morning Routine Practices for Babes Living Large - Chuchka Blog

12 Healthy Morning Routine Practices for Babes Living Large - Chuchka Blog

9. Cold Shower

Are you a fan of the snooze button? Well let me introduce you to my friend, the cold shower. Nothing will wake you up faster than ice cold water to the face. And even for you early birds out there, there are still plenty of health benefits to make it worth your while. Ranging from shinier hair and clearer skin to improving your circulation and immunity and even easing stress. I’m not saying it won’t suck to start with, but it’s worth turning up your favourite Beyoncé Banger and staying in for at least 2 minutes. I promise that after the numbness wears off, you’ll be left feeling invigorated and energised!

10. Eating with your loved ones

Sitting down to have breakfast or just a cup of tea with your partner, house mates or family is guaranteed to get you excited about the day ahead. Chat about what each other have planned for the day or things you enjoy about each other. Spending time with your support system and real connection is the perfect start to tackling whatever the day ahead throws at you.

12 Healthy Morning Routine Practices for Babes Living Large - Chuchka Blog

12 Healthy Morning Routine Practices for Babes Living Large - Chuchka Blog

11. Read

Reading a couple of pages of a self-development book first thing in the morning sets you up for a day full of success. It automatically puts you in the right frame of mind to achieve whatever it is you’re working on. Or maybe you’re looking to upskill in a certain area and could use this time to read an article or a non-fiction book to learn something new. There’s also nothing wrong with getting lost in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to get your imagination flowing first thing.

12. Sit down and relax

If the above activities don’t quite tickle your fancy, try getting up 15 to 20 minutes earlier than usual and make yourself that hot cup of Joe, do a sudoku or a crossword puzzle and simply just sit and enjoy the peace and quiet. It’s important to take time out for ourselves in the busy lives we’ve made for ourselves. Stillness and quietness is way underrated in our modern times, but the key to unlocking some major creative ideas and downloads. 

Get through 3-5 of these practices each morning and you'll be walking into your day lighter, brighter, and mightier 🙌.

Healthy Morning Routine Practices - chuchka blog

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