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April 05, 2019 7 min read

The 20 “It Girls” in Wellness, Beauty, & Business You Need to Follow on Instagram

Inspired by our latest collection It Girl, we’re sharing a round up of 20 ladies in the health & wellness 🍓, beauty 💄, and business 💡 space who embody that magnetic It Girl energy and presence.

For us, an It Girl is someone who shows up in the world unapologetically as herself, embraces all sides of herself (even the daggy ones 🙆‍♀️), and embodies those positive qualities that inspire us to share our own unique spark with the world ✨. We're talkin' courage, joy, charisma, humour, kindness, warmth, sincerity and our all-time fave - goofiness 😁. 

Get ready for an onslaught of inspo babes! 

#1 @jshealth


Australia’s fave Holistic Nutritionist, Author and founder of JSHealth, Jessica Sepel is making big waves in the health and wellness space with her relatable body-talk and “Un-diet Method”. Jess teaches us to treat ourselves with kindness and eat food that makes us look and feel good, but also makes us totes happy 👌👌👌. 

Chuchka Pick for Jess:

For a gorge, but super busy, lady like Jess, we love our Koto Vegan Leather Tote in a luxe butterscotch caramel shade, which is super roomy and perfect for ladies on the go. 

koto neoprene tote

#2 @deliciouslyella


Our fave British wellness babe, Deliciously Ella is transforming the way Brits eat one delicious energy ball at a time. An advocate of plant-based living, you get loads of recipe inspo to sneak in more veggies and other healthy nosh in your life. Also a recent mumma, she’s all about uncomplicated recipes and simple real food, which is all kinds of refreshing in our busy modern world!

Chuchka Pick for Ella:

A new mumma and yogi who's all about that natural life we reckon Ella would love our Florina Cork Eco Yoga Mat boasting antimicrobial properties and free of toxic materials. 

Chuchka Florina cork yoga mat

#3 & #4 @Lindseysimcik & @hundredblog (Krista Williams) 

almost thirty podcast lindsey simcik and krista williams

The dynamic, hilarious and fiery duo behind the @almost30podcast, we can’t get enough of Lindsey and Krista’s chats, commentary and interviews exploring “the transition from our twenties to our thirties”. For conversations spanning all things health & wellness, relationships, business and life, you’ll soon be hooked on what these ladies are dishing out 🎙️.

Chuchka Pick for Lindsey & Krista:

For these ultra creative and busy babes on-the-go, we recommend our neoprene gym bags which double as a super practical, yet stylish, carry on and travel bag. 

chuchka ladies gym bag - vicki

#5 @theskinnyconfidential

the skinny confidential

We love Lauren for being unashamedly herself, not being afraid to ask "silly" Qs, and her relentless hustle and pursuit of livin’ dah good life with “major realness” as she'd put it. Hosted by herself and hubbie Michael Bosstick, The Skinny Confidential podcast and blog covers all the important and fun things from beauty, wellness, fitness, entrepreneurship, and mindset with a mixed bag of interesting and inspiring guests. Plus lots of A-grade LOL-worthy banter between the duo 😆. You'll be hooked in no time! 

Chuchka Pick for Lauren:

Just sayin' this super babe knows how to rock a leopard print, so our Kalli Neoprene Tote (white external neoprene, with internal reversible leopard print) would certainly integrate in her wardrobe. 

chuchka kalli neoprene tote - white and leopard print kallie leopard neoprene tote

#6 @Petajean_


A millennial thought and business leader, Peta is on a mission to change the business landscape through conscious entrepreneurship and leadership via @theearthessco. Her words will smack you in the face, make you chuckle like a fool and give your all the deep feels! Do yourself a favour and read her latest game changing book Earth is Hiring

Chuchka Pick for Peta:

A recent mumma who's on the go, we think Peta would really rock our Neoprene Nappy Bag with a fun printed detachable strap, perfect for working mums with a full life. 

chuchka black neoprene nappy bag chuchka detahcable bag strap in zig zag

#7 @Emmilybanks

emmily banks

Cracker of jokes and natural beauty expert, Emmily Banks is who we turn to for the latest intel on all the best natural and organic beauty goodies, as well as  cultivating beauty from the inside out over at @depthsofbeauty. If you follow her stories, you’ll also soon discover the gal has a wicked sense of bohemian and beach inspired style which she rocks on her bike, skateboard and working in cafes 🤙. 

Chuchka Pick for Emmily:

This babe is typically on the move, so our neoprene backpacks are a perfect choice. Our new Flora Neoprene Backpack with abstract floral print is a stylish accompaniment for weekend adventures and sweaty nature hikes. 

shop chuchka flora neoprene backpack

#8 @tobemagnetic


Meet Lacy Phillips, the lady behind To Be Magnetic, a program and podcast helping ladies shed their inner critic and grow into their highest, most authentic self. This lady (who, side-note, really knows how to rock a hat and neutral colours) wants to help you “Manifest The Life You Deserve” via a process “rooted in psychology, neuroscience and energetics” 🌟 - hey, we can get on board with that! 

Chuchka Pick for Lacy:

Lacy is all about the natural fibres and minimal look, so our pick for her is the Bekir Turkish Towel, made of luxurious 100% soft cotton - a beautiful throw for the couch or sun blanket to catch some Vitamin D outside. 


#9 @Melissaambrosini

melissa ambrosini

If you’re a fan of podcasts in the health, wealth and wellness space, you’re bound to be a fan of the Melissa Ambrosini Show, a lady, who’s the epitome of “cutie pie”. Featuring an incredible lineup of guests in the health, business and spiritual space, you’ll walk away from each episode inspired and jazzed up to live yah best life and be your best self 👑. 

Chuchka Pick for Melissa:

Melissa loves getting back to nature making our Flora Neoprene Tote a great pick - super roomy and monochrome with mega nature vibes. 

shop chuchka neoprene bag flora

#10 @hannahbronfman

hannah bronfman

A Global Adidas Ambassador, Founder of @HBFIT, DJ and recent author of Do What Feels Good you don’t get much cooler than Hannah Bronfman. With a killer wardrobe that’s sporty meets fashion maven, a fearless attitude, super cool locks, and the glowiest skin one did ever see, it’s not hard to see why we’re big fan girls of this babe.

Chuchka Pick for Hannah:

Always on the go - travelling, "gyming", dancing, speaking gigs - this babe needs our neoprene gym bag in Indie to fit all the things - and the tiger print adds a stylish edge that shows she means business.  

shop chuchka neoprene lades gym bag - indie
#11 @rachlmansfield

rachel mansfield

Queen of healthy dessert creations / cookies / pancakes, and fellow nut butter fiend, be warned - hers is not an IG feed you want to skim on an empty stomach. You’ll be doing all the salivating and probably need to block out your next Sunday arvo for a leisurely baking sesh post this hefty dose of recipe inspo.

Chuchka Pick for Rachel:

As a new mumma Rachel could definitely use our Coco Neoprene Nappy Bag in Khaki with extra compartments to house all those bub essentials.  

shop chuchka neoprene nappy bag

#12 @alexipanos


A powerhouse lady who will light a fire in your belly and guide you toward full self-expression and BOLD authentic living. It’s hard to play small with this lady in your ear pushing you to level up in all areas of your life 🙌, with her no BS flavour and go get ‘em attitude 👊. 

Chuchka Pick for Alexi:

We think Alexi's bub lil Kingston would look ridiculously cute in our Turkish cotton onesie from the Chuchka Mini Kids range. 

shop chuchka mini onesie

#13 @Candicekumai

candice kumai

We thank Candice Kumai for teaching us all about Japanese wellness secrets 🍵. Not only is she an all-round babe who's unapologetically living her best life, she’s also full of wellness wisdom nuggets, spunk that will make you laugh, and high-vibe hustle that will no doubt rub off on you.

Chuchka Pick for Candice:

Another stylish traveller, our eco-friendly Leon Mexican woven tote made of recycled plastic would look amaze on Candice.

shop chuchka leon mexican woven tote

#14 @marieforleo


The OG of business coaching and training in the digi space, Marie Forleo is the creator behind B-School and her incredibly popular and hilarious channel MarieTV. If you’re all about aligning your work with your values and creating a soul-centred biz on your terms, check it out! She’s also been described by Oprah as “a thought leader for the next generation,” which pretty much says it all 💁‍♀️. 

Chuchka Pick for Marie:

We love a more elegant look on career lady Marie - our long line Neoprene Tote in Charcoal is the perfect mix of sporty and chic. 

shop chuchka long line neoprene tote in charcoal

#15 @Shutthekaleup

shut the kale up

Jeannette Ogden, the lady behind shutthekaleup proves “mom life” 👶 can be mega cool and stylish too. Why do we love Jeanette? She’s as real as the real food philosophy she preaches on her blog (like, super real). We love a down to earth mumma who reminds us to relax and forget about trying to be perfect, cause life’s about balance, nourishment, play, and having oodles of fun! 

Chuchka Pick for Jeanette:

A stylish and modern young mumma, Jeanette could use our plush Allora Velvet Bum Bag for quick access items while out with the kiddies. 

shop chuchka allora velvet bum bag

#16 & #17 @basebodybabes


This fun Aussie sister duo, Felicia and Diana, inspire us to hit our fitness and health goals with their badass training tutorials, nutrition knowledge, and general positive vibes. If you love a sporty vibe, look no further than their bangin’ feed for some athleisure inspo. You might even feel inclined to drop a few squats mid-scroll 😉💪.

Chuchka Pick for Base Body Babes:

For this active duo, the Dani Neoprene Ladies Gym Bag is a no-brainer - the black & white monochrome palette with snakeskin will work perfectly with their sexy atheleisure looks.

shp chuchka neoprene ladies gym bag in dani
#18 @sophiaamoruso

sophia amoruso

The original #girlboss, this badass lady reminds us it’s okay to be your eccentric, sometimes cray, self AND a serious businesswoman. Not to mention Sophia’s as stylish as they come. One to follow for a big dose of female empowerment and reminder that us ladies rule (the 🌏).  

Chuchka Pick for Sophia:

For a babe at the top of her game, there's no other than the eye catching Bees Knees Neoprene Tote from our Queen Bee collection. It's one way to make a statement. 

shop chuchka bees knees neoprene tote

#19 @Thebalancedblonde


Host and founder of Soul on Fire podcast, The Balanced Blonde aka Jordan Younger is another lady with a big presence on the health and wellness scene. Jordan shares openly about her personal health struggle recovering from Lymes disease reminding us we are not alone in our challenges. Her interviews with renowned guests delve into more esoteric topics like astrology, life purpose, and manifestation 🌠. 

Chuchka Pick for Jordan:

For a spiritual yogi like Jordan, the Eyes Cork yoga mat is just the thing to inspire a deep yet playful practice.

shop chuchka eyes cork yoga mat

#20 @yummololaberry


Meet our fave Aussie gal next door, Lola Berry, (if the gal next door is also a yogi and nutrition whizz). We love Lola for her down to earth Aussie vibes (“too good”) and for keepin’ it real all day erryday. She’ll make you crack up on the reg' and increase your usage of "totes" 🐨.

Chuchka Pick for Lola:

We reckon the ultra cool and sporty Marlo Neoprene Tote would look wicked sick on Miss Lola. 

shop chuchka neoprene tote - marlo

Hope you enjoyed our round up of top instagram influencers for EPIC healthy living!

Who have we missed tribe? 🤔

We'd love to know the ladies inspiring you right now. Let us know in the comments! 

Have a lady in your life who could use a dose of inspirational female role models? 

Share this with her now 😊👏


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