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March 10, 2019 2 min read

In celebration and honour of International Women’s Day we recently announced our new initiative to donate $5 from all Nappy Bag sales to Women’s Community Shelters, an organisation that supports homeless and disadvantaged women across Australia.

As a small female-owned and founded business, with a close-knit team, we believe the rise of female business owners can help shape a better world through small contributions that all add up to make a wider impact. 

In fact, founder and owner of Chuchka, Stefanie Schwartz, noticed how everyday decisions along her business journey can have a significant impact on her local community.

“Many of us feel like, unless we are making big bold gestures or donations, then there is little difference we can make to tackle the big equality issues in the world. 

But, I’ve actually found it’s those little everyday choices we make - whether it’s a purchase decision, a business decision, or how we react to someone in our day - that’s what truly can leave a lasting impact.”

Stefanie Schwartz Chuchka

Pictured: Founder of Chuchka, Stefanie Schwartz

Chuchka Neoprene Black Nappy BagBetween 2011 to 2014, the NSW department of Industry reported a rise in the percentage of female -founded startups from one in six to one in four. In effect, women are having more of a say in how businesses are run and that influence has a ripple effect on many other parts of society.

“I’d love to encourage other female small business owners and entrepreneurs to think about little ways they can impact their community or the women in their lives - whether that's extending mentorship, reaching out to and supporting other business women in their network, or introducing a social responsible or charitable initiative as part of their business,” say Stefanie.

“For me, there’s nothing more rewarding and satisfying as a business owner than being able to assess how I can give back and support other women and the organisations I believe in. The more we’ve grown as a business, the more autonomy that’s given me both as a business owner and member of my community, which is both really exciting and expansive.”

Chuchka will continue to donate $5 from all online sales of Nappy Bags in 2019. Shop our NEW Neoprene Nappy Bags

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