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October 29, 2018 2 min read

neoprene tote

How did Swank & Roche come about?

If we are being completely honest, creating Swank & Roche was not something we planned. We never actually set out to start a ‘blog’ or be ‘influencers’, in fact initially we weren’t completely sure what they were. You could say Swank & Roche evolved organically and we love that about our page. We wanted to create a space to share the things we love and it’s always amazing to see so many people, from around the world interested in your style, what you have to say or what you are doing.

 What's it like working with your sister?

There is never a dull moment when you work with your sister! From excessive laughter to telling each other exactly how it is without holding back. Although we have lots of shared interests, we are two very different personalities and it’s great to see our individual opinions and ideas come together. There’s nothing quite like working with your sister.

How would you describe your style?

We don’t think there is any one way to describe our style, it’s pretty much how we feel at the time. We feel that style is a form of expressing yourself, but we both agree that dressing for the occasion is very important. There is something intriguing about classic simplicity but something equally as intriguing as a sophisticated glam.

What's your favourite fashion trend right now?

We couldn't possibly pick just one - there are so many! But our favourite fashion trend of all time is confidence. You quite beat someone who wears an outfit with confidence.

What is your fave Chuchka product and why?

We are the proud owners of two Chuchkas, the Cami Sports Bag & the Sami Neoprene Tote, thanks to the lovely team at Chuchka! Both bags are large and that’s why we love them - so spacious! There is never a bag big enough for all the things we ‘need’ (but never use😂) when we go out and that’s where are Chuchka bags come into play! The duffle/ larger, more spacious bags are currently one of our favourites - especially as a gym bag!

neoprene sports bag

Xx Nerelle & Rochelle



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