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January 09, 2017 2 min read

If there’s one must have luxe accessory to add to your collection this summer, make it our brand new Jungle Hide Zebra Towel. This playful and exotic piece is the latest trend in unique towels to hit the market. Be bold and daring – release your inner wild woman with one of our faux-hide zebra towels.

You might have seen or heard about the massive round beach towel trend that took the entire social media world by storm. If not, (where have you been hiding!?) just take a look on Instagram or Facebook – we guarantee somewhere, someone you know is taking a stunning snap at the beach that features a round beach towel.

Our 2016 round beach towel collection was well-loved and received a lot of amazing attention.

Now, in 2017, our beach towel collection is going to be bigger, better and prettier than ever. Think: larger, cuddlier, cosier and a whole lot trendier. Oh – did we mention our zebra towels feature a unique animal shape and design? Because they do, and they look absolutely gorgeous.

Since 2017 is all about innovation and creativity, we designed our Jungle Hide Zebra Towel in a seriously fashion forward and unique way. Shaped like an animal, these towels are the ultimate luxe accessory you need this summer. As much as we love our round beach towels, we have a real soft spot for the latest towels to hit our collection. They’re just so unique and unlike anything else out there! Made from a luxurious, soft cotton velour, our Jungle Hide Zebra Towels offer a reversible design for ultimate personalisation. How can you resist?  

Really, our zebra towels tick all the right boxes: luxe, affordable, fashion forward and unique. There’s nothing not to love about the newest addition to our amazing beach towel collection. Jump on the trend before anyone else, right here at Chuchka.


chuchka zebra towel chuchka zebra towel



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