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July 24, 2016 2 min read 1 Comment

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Dear Readers:

Very recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Stephanie, the creator of Chuchka, a brand of Pilates and Yoga mats based on the yiddish word meaning trinket/collectible. The mats are beautiful, but before I introduce any product into the studio I always want to test it on my own. The aesthetics of each mat in the collection are beautiful and come in a wide range of colours and styles which are vibrant and lovely and there is an excellent range of styles to suit each client’s individual taste.


For I decided to play with the Persian Nights mat which I found stunning. The mat’s have an all natural eco friendly base that is free from latex, silicone, toxic glue, and phthalates(!) and the soft suede mirco-fiber on top makes for a luxurious and comfortable workout. I have to say, it is so nice to have a natural product next to skin, something I find especially important when working out. Though the mats are quite thin (3mm in thickness), they are surprisingly supportive and comfortable. Being that I have very sensitive wrists, I was a bit worried but found that I felt perfectly fine on the mat.

What I really love is their versatility. I will happily take mine along on a picnic or display it at home instead of hiding it under the bed like so many other well-intentioned fitness tools. Beautiful and functional? I am sold. I will be stocking these beautiful mats at JMP, and am also so happy to be supporting a fellow female business woman and her unique local business.

Oh, one more wonderful thing. They are also machine washable.

What do you think?

Much Love,


1 Response

Michelle Adams
Michelle Adams

December 17, 2019

I absolutely love my mat.. I’m a Pilates instructor, and use mine everyday.. doesn’t slip and slide, feels fabulous on your skin.. love that it’s vegan too x would love to know what the material is that was used.. thanks for a wonderful mat at a great price xx

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