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September 02, 2019 3 min read

4 Features the Best Bags for Uni All Have

by Odette McCarthy

Find yourself going through bag after bag because the materials buckle under the weight of everything you need to take to uni?

Always unable to fit your laptop, phone, wallet, books and lunch into any bag you buy?

Can’t find a uni bag that is functional as well as fashionable?

Chuchka’s Large Neoprene Tote Bag range is designed to solve all these dilemmas and more, so you can save your energy for leaving your mark on campus!

Best Bags for Uni - Chuchka Blog

Here's 4 features to look out for in your next uni bag purchase. 


Between weekly Tav visits, coffee spills, and lugging around lunches and snacks, I can’t imagine having an everyday uni bag that didn’t need washing after a few weeks! Thank gosh CHUCHKA’S bags are machine washable.

No longer will you have to put up with a filth-ridden habitat for your books and stuff! Once it gets dirty and stinky, just chuck it in the washing machine and you can start the week fresher than the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.


Do you know what is missing from a lot of stylish bags? Functionality. And as a uni student, I have found CHUCHKA bags to offer just what I need. I find the Large Neoprene Tote the ideal spacious sack for students! These totes are big enough to fit your laptop, your lunch and your textbooks. I basically throw my life into my bag every day, all that I need for uni plus keys, phone, charger, makeup, dry shampoo… (you get it, babe needs a lot of room).

You also have the option of purchasing a Bag Organiser Insert. Hang on ladies, this will pique your interest as it offers the tidy, compact sections you need in your busy life! No longer will you have to go scuffling through a disorganised mess in this dinky depiction of your chaotic life, touching gosh knows what sticky, crumbly or wet substance that may be floating around in there (hey, no judgement).

The organiser insert has separate pockets and compartments you can assign your essentials to like the Boss Queen you are. Easy packing, easy finding!


Do you live in activewear? You’ll probably love a sporty camo print or and of Chuchka’s perforated totes in neutral shades. Like something a lil’ more unique and plush? Consider a lush velvet tote. Fan of animal print? Head Into the Wild.

Once you have chosen the perfect bag to suit your style, you can opt for some cute accessories! CHUCHKA’s charming Detachable Bag Straps can be added to specific styles like Kiki and Koto (in tan vegan leather). My favourite is the navy strap featuring red hearts all down it. Add a POM POM BAG CHARM for an obnoxious touch of colour and cuteness.


Come summer holidays, your CHUCHKA converts to the perfect oversized beach bag. Ditch the books and replace with a towel and all your beach essentials for a tote that looks just as lush on the beach as it does on campus. You’ll also find yourself reaching for her for summer picnics, sleepovers and weekend getaways. You don’t need a uni degree to calculate the value in that ;)


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