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September 10, 2019 4 min read 2 Comments

A Spring Cleaning Wardrobe Guide for Modern Babes

Odette McCarthy

Are you excited to be ditching your winter weather woes in favour of some sunny springtime satisfaction? How about really getting into the spring cheer by ditching any tired stuffy souvenirs accumulated over the year (or many years 🙄). Let's do this...

Use this guide to help clear the clutter in your cupboard, leaving space for only existing treasured items and the newness you consciously invite into your life.

Spring Cleaning Wardrobe Guide - Chuchka Blog


First, make sure you are motivated to clean for YOU. Do not attempt when tired or cranky. You need to be switched on and excited to refresh this part of your life 🙌. Put on your most awesome, cheesiest album or make a playlist of inspiring feel-good bangers. Some babes opt for Beyonce, but I feel the real Queen of music is Freddie Mercury. In fact, Freddie or an Ultimate 90’s album are sure to diminish those cleaning blues. So switch on some spine-tingling tunes and get started.


Make a list of everything you need to peruse. And sweetie, in order to perform a respectable spring clean, you do need to go through ERRYTHANG - Not just the clothing pieces you no longer have use for. Some pieces may be old and tatty. Some items might not fit. Some might be lingering in dark corners to your blissful unawareness.

You need to thoroughly scrutinize ALL material possessions! i.e Browse: *Undies *Bras *Lingerie *Jewellery *Hair accessories *Headwear *Socks *Stockings *Activewear *T-shirts *Pants/Jeans *Blouses/Tops *Dresses *Jackets *Coats *Shoes *Other / Miscellaneous Accessories.

Chuchka Blog - Spring Cleaning Wardrobe Guide - dresses


TO KEEP – Usually, there’s always a quick stack of your go-to, no-brainer “to keep” items. These are the pieces on regular rotation. The harder decision will be making yourself throw out the things that tend to fall in the “maybe” or "someday" pile.

TO CHUCK – If the item doesn’t make the ‘To Keep’ pile immediately, question yourself honestly, hun. Why did I buy this in the first place? Has it served its initial purpose? Does this have any significant sentimental value that gives me any satisfaction or contentment? Have I EVER worn it? Will I have any further use for it in the near future? Does it still fit? Have I worn this in the past year? If not, could I re-vintage-itise it? (I do this with items bought from op shops that I have found no use for within a year and it often extends their lifespan for numerous years).

TO SELL – The clothing piece could be a label worth selling online or perhaps there are a few items you could try selling at a marketplace. If I am unsure about an item, I ask myself if I would prefer the money I could get if I sold it. The answer is usually yes, as that means more space in the wardrobe PLUS more money in the pocket to buy items that are immediately worthy of the "to Keep" pile. 

    TO GIVE AWAY – Is there someone or place you know who needs or may want this more than you? Consider donating to clothing stores like Vinnies or Red Cross, which has the added feelgood factor of paying it forward. I also love to give barely worn jewellery to my five-year-old niece, as she treasures sparkly Gold Stone as though it were a carat diamond.

    TO TRY ONCE MORE – Decide that you will wear it once again within the next few days. The day that you wear it will either give you one more wear of the item before ridding of it, or will assist in your decision of its eventual fate (#reborn OR #RIP).

    Spring Cleaning Wardrobe Guide - clothes rack - chuchka bog


    SECTION OFF THE SIMILAR – Sort into sections per drawer or cupboard (or clothing racks or shoe racks... I should really follow my Spring-Cleaning advice more meticulously). My clothes are categorized or put together as follows: Coats, jackets, bras, undies, headwear, socks and stockings, shorts, leggings and jeans, jumpers and cardigans, blouses, scarves + beanies, belts + bags, jewellery, Random items (e.g. capes, collars, vintage dresses I have no use for).

    COLOUR COORDINATE – Display all sections so they are simple. Think about how much easier it will be to find your pink embellished skirt when you have colour-coordinated your skirts and can go STRAIGHT to the red SLASH pink section!

    FOLD OR HOOK – Fold clothing such as shorts, T-shirts, jeans and leggings, undies, socks and stockings. Hang coats and jackets, blouses, skirts, and dresses. Use coat hangers to hang evening wear or clothing prone to creasing. Hawt Tip: Face hooks inwards throughout the off season (which will be winter) and outwards during ‘on’ season – so spring and summer wear can hook outward for ease of access. You can also use this method for determining what items you truly wear - turn all hooks backwards and only turn externally once you've worn an item. At the end of the season examine the items that never made it out.

    Spring Cleaning Wardrobe Guide - Orderly Bedroom - Chuchka Blog

    If you have managed to get rid of some things from your wardrobe after this, give yourself a solid (yet gentle) pat on the back – Indulge yourself with a Peach Iced Tea on the afternoon deck or, heck, a Peach Bellini. Rehydrate and celebrate your orderly closet and what a Mess Removing Maven you've become! (Okay, sure, I’ll take some credit too 😉).

    Now you can reward yourself with a few new pieces for the coming season. 

    At Chuchka we design and source pieces to become staples in your closet - in fact Chuchka is Yiddish for "trinkets and collectables" - cause we're all about creating pieces you will add to you collection and love for the long term 😘. Got some Chuchkas from way back? We'd love to know. Leave us a comment below.   


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    December 17, 2019

    I have my Lola Backpack that I have been using pretty much every day for the past year! I take it everywhere with me and feel lost without it :D

    Siu Yu Cheng
    Siu Yu Cheng

    December 17, 2019

    Thanks for the tips. Always love the design, very fashionable and very easy to carry. Looking forwards to the new spring collections ♥️

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