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December 17, 2019 5 min read

Sydney-based Body Transformation Coach, Claudia Jovanovski, Spills Her Healthy Travel & Lifestyle Tips & Habits

Meet the lovely and inspiring Claudia Jovanovski, a Body Transformation Coach and international covergirl who's shifted herself from obsessive  eating and fitness habits to a place of self-acceptance and love 🥰. 

In the spirit of celebrating women (a core ethos at Chuchka), we'd love to introduce you to Claudia and hope you take away some valuable tips whether you're a budding health and fitness entrepreneur or simply looking for ways to uplevel your lifestyle 🙌.

This delightfully positive beauty - an exotic blend of Spanish, Macedonian, South African and Australian heritage 😍 - shares her personal tips for staying fit and healthy on the go 💪✈️🏃🏻‍♀️👜.

Over to you Claudia... 

Healthy Travel & Lifestyle Tips with Body Transformation Coach Claudia Jovanovs

What first got you on the path of Body Transformation Coaching?

After reaping endless benefits from my personal body transformation I wanted to share my passion and knowledge with others so they too could experience the joys of achieving their dream physique, or health and fitness goals.

At Chuchka, we're all about supporting active ladies to "Live their Best Life"? What does "Living Your Best Life" mean to you?

Leading a balanced life where one is able to maintain a healthy body and mind while still being able to enjoy those couple of glasses of wine or chocolate bar. Ideally you create yourself a lifestyle instead of ‘diet' or ‘programme’. As they say…."Life is meant to be lived "

What's your favourite type of workout or movement?

I am love my resistance training. Each week I aim to do around two 45 minute weight training session. These typically start off with a heavy compound movement such as a squat, pull up, deadlift, or shoulder press, followed by a few variation of supersets. I typically choose supersets and compound movements as this means I am able to work multiple muscle groups in a limited space of time.

Take us through your morning routine :)

I am 110% a morning person :)

I like to wake up early and enjoy the first few hours of my day mobile free and with coffee of course hehe. I generally start my day by walking down to a local coffee shop with my dog Bella. 

Next stop is breakfast. This typically will consist of eggs and toast in any shape or form. Poached eggs, scrambled, or an omelette. When is comes to bread choice I opt for rye or multigrain.

As I am most effective in the mornings I like to get take on my most important admin work or to dos, which I write down daily. When I see all my chores and goals down on paper it often helps me relax as it becomes clear that if I only do one major task each morning, by the end of the week I would have taken on seven major tasks.

I allocate two hours each morning to take on they key priorities with my 100% focus. As these two hours are typically intense and productive I will then take the time to do something I enjoy and allow my mind to relax and reset (short walk out doors, cleaning house, head to gym).

What health & wellness practices support your fit and healthy lifestyle?

I incorporate a whole host of mindset and behavioural habits to keep me on track including:

  • Preparing snack options for each day.
  • Staying hydrated.
  • Breaking up intense periods of work with a brief walk.
  • Writing down my to dos, weekly and daily plan, and long-term goals. 
  • Being optimistic. I see the cup half full. I am always look for opportunities and the positives in each situation.
  • Practise gratitude. Be thankful for what you have no matter how small or large. Your eyesight, health, family, warm bed, etc.
  • Get outdoors and into nature when possible I find this relaxes my mind and helps me reset.
  • Do something you enjoy daily. Just as you would schedule time in for a meeting, be sure to block out a period of time for what you love. This way each day you have something exciting to look forward to.
  • Limit my caffeine intake. 
  • Get at least 7 hours sleep a night.
  • Take a high quality multivitamin
  • Include a minimum of one cup of vegetables in my three main meals.
  • A minimum of two serves of fruit a day.
  • Switch it off. Make time during each day to go 100% mobile free.

Pictured: Claudia & Bella hit the beach with Chuchka's Kyle Neoprene Sports Duffle.


What would we find in your Chuchka tote when on the go or heading to the gym?

A full water bottle is always a must before I head out and about, BCAAs, a snack option and/or post workout meal, notebook and pen (I find it a powerful tool to make notes as important thoughts come to mind), oh and hopefully… my house keys and wallet hehe.

Healthy Travel & Lifestyle Tips with Body Transformation Coach Claudia Jovanovs

Pictured: Claudia in her fit gettup with Chuchka's sporty Netta Neoprene Tote.

What are your rituals and tips for staying healthy and fit while travelling?

  • Take snacks: I typically choose fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, unsweetened yoghurt, and whey protein as they are nutritious, convenient, and can easily be stored in my back pack.
  • Stay Hydrated
  • Food Hunt Online: Scope out the local restaurants and cafes for healthy and nutritious meals.
  • Step it up: Skip the taxi and go by foot. This is a great way to burn off some extra calories while getting to explore the city! This will also save you some money on transport. Triple win!
  • Balance: I love trying new foods and flavours in the local cuisines as well as enjoying a glass of red wine. To counter balance any rich or calorie dense foods I keep two of my meals a day lower in calories and high in nutritional value by opting for poached, grilled or baked lean proteins with steamed vegetables or fresh green salad. At breakfast I choose a high in protein meal, which is low in calories, and nutritious. I typically go for three poached eggs, three boiled eggs, or an egg white omelette with a mix of vegetables such as tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, etc.
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What's your favourite Chuchka and why?

The Ramona Neoprene Backpack. Comfortable, convenient, and cute!

Healthy Travel & Lifestyle Tips with Body Transformation Coach Claudia Jovanovs

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